Thursday, August 30, 2007

All I needed was a little encouragement...

Unfortunately, it came in the form of a weed abatement warrant. Agh. This is going to be a short post, since I'm running ragged in the summer heat trying to keep one step ahead of the gov't weed authorities.

It's been a time of bad news/good news: bad news -- the ac is out. Good news -- the electric bill is smaller. Bad news -- they're sending a weed abatement contractor out next week. Good news -- one way or another the yard is going to be clean enough to grill in. Or brew. Bad news -- it's 110 outside and 100 inside. Good news -- well, I'm certainly going to be hydrated. I may even lose weight.

The grapes are delicious and some are turning to raisins on the vine. The seedless Concords are a little too sweet as raisins, but they're perfect just before they get to that point. And I'm seeing a lot of birds in the area.

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Bobbisox said...

So, will we see the progress you have made on the yard? Maybe you will update before I get back and notice :) glad you got the a/c working again. Wheew, that must have been some kind of hot time in the desert heat.