Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Wilderness is Out To Get Me

And may I point out that it's winning?

My mom's help came on time today, bless her beady little heart, so I got to attack the side yard with fervor and glee. Or at least a hula hoe and a rake, but not much enthusiasm. It has to be done. I'm going to like it being done. But doing it when it's baking hot at 7 a.m. fergoodness' sake...well....

I made the last-minute decision to get rid of the Rampaging Raspberries. I like raspberries. In fact, I recommend Nourse Farms if you ever want to get your own canes. But the RR in the side yard were little twigs that came from Home Depot and while they managed to create their own thicket they have not and never will produce any actual, live raspberries. It was time for them to leave. How difficult could this possibly be?

Ahem. Considering that I was pulling roots out of the ground with the circumference of your average silver dollar -- that I actually ran into a root knot that was as big around as my fist -- believe me, the RR are not going quietly into that good night. Some of them are growing on the other side of the fence into the neighbor's yard, and only the fact that there is a cement barrier three inches away from the chain-link fence is keeping them from taking over that place as well. I wanted to establish them and boy, are they established. It's going to take some concerted effort to get rid of them. I got a little overheated with the concerted effort I showed today and spent most of the afternoon recovering. Bah.

On the other hand the side yard is 90 percent finished; I only have some stray grass to scratch up and I'm done. Then I can polish off the rest of the front yard (and after the RR, the wild mustard and other assorted greenery is going to be a cakewalk!) and then I'll be done with the weeding portion of the program. The the real fun stuff is going to happen. I have to get all of that assorted organic material into the back yard and the informal compost pile.

Pics Friday. I have to go lie down now until the prognosticary headache goes away.

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Bobbisox said...

OMG, with all the heat, let the stuff that can grow, just grow. Sometimes it amazes me that things can and will grow without water in burning heat. Me, I am wilting.