Monday, August 28, 2006

TW in August

The Wilderness in August...big, bushy and awful. That's what happens when 105 degree temps plus horrendous humidity drives the intrepid gardener back to the safety of the nice, centrally air conditioned house. Heat I can deal with. Rain I can deal with. Water in the air should be landing or not be there at all. Humidity should go back to Oklahoma because this is the desert, and I am not acclimated to anything but dry air.

I told you the grapes were a lot bigger. They aren't staying on the vine long enough to get entirely ripe, because birds, children, and gardener come by at regular intervals to pick them off. These are Flame grapes -- the seedless Concords are further down the fence and they were denuded a couple of weeks ago.

And the purply looking thing in the middle of my yard is Amaranth. I love having edible plants around, but I may have a hard time trying to convince the kids about this one. Not that they won't try it, but when this Amaranth is properly watered it shoots up to about 8 feet in height, with a trunk circumference the size of a silver dollar. We had a grove of these in the side yard last year and it made a perfect fairyland playground. They'd rather keep it around to play with than munch on. These have naturalized and since I bobcatted the yard last year they have spread. Once confined to just the side yard, they are now popping up wherever there is water to be had.


Anonymous said...

The amaranath is perfectly edible, as are the seeds. Don't tell the kids, just put it in something. LOL.

Anonymous said...

So, how is that weed whacking coming along? All cleared out and ready for public viewing? No updated pictures yet, I see.