Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Ballad of Brown Thumb

This is a shot of the house taken in May. Let me assure you that it looks much, much worse now. In the battle to retake The Wilderness it rather looks like TW is winning.

What can I say? I got sidetracked. The newer, shaggier photos will be posted tomorrow, and thereafter I will descend like a madwoman (optional gas-powered weedwhacker included) upon TW to at least get the taller of the weeds and the deeper thickets of devil grass in line. In the right of the photo there is a bramble of raspberries gone wild -- which would be all right if they actually produced berries. They don't, so they have become part of my to do list. (i.e. remove devil grass, actually plant in season, and uproot berry-less brambles.)

The grapes (also shot in May) have gone much, much madder than this. They are three times as big and are heavily loaded with grapes. Which is good; they are fulfilling their function as snackline. The raspberries (the ones that are actually producing!) aren't faring very well, as I am having continual problems with the watering system. It keeps breaking down and watering the fruitless raspberries -- who says Murphy doesn't have a sense of humor?

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Anonymous said...

When I pollinated your fruitless raspberries with those blackberries, they did produce. Next year go out with paint brushes and pollinate some, and when I give you that other berry, plant it next to the bramble raspberries.