Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tomato Blocks

Beaver Styroblock 60-cavity

This is the first part of my Tomato Starter Kit: a Beaver Styroblock with 60 cavities, each 2" x nearly 6". For someone who collects tomato seeds as obsessively as I do, this is PERFECT. I still don't know what I'm going to fill it up with soil-wise, but I've got until January...er, March to figure it out. (Experience and the Master Gardener of the South tell me not to start so early. My inner BrownThumb is still sulking.)

Of course, if I ever win a modest lottery (and after I virtuously pay off my debts), I should like to have one of these:

It's 2' long and uses 8 t5 fluorescents, so you can mix'n'match, going with cooler lamps or warmer depending on whether you want your plants to put on foliage or fruit. Since I never have been able to stop myself from starting something in January, getting a light setup that would keep the greenery happy would be a good start. I'd go with the 4' model, but I've got the usual space challenges associated with a smallish house and a largish family. Oh, I know, it's going to be a while before I can get this, and in that meantime I'll probably have the second thoughts that I should be having now...but a woman is entitled to her dreams, right?


Bobbisox said...

If we figure how to get the
aerogarden up there............

Stephanie said...

I'm stuck. I can't wriggle my nose like Samantha, my wand doesn't work, and my Nimbus 3000 is in the shop.