Friday, May 25, 2007

Hmm, Change of Plans

Since the front yard can't be fitted out properly for knitters (no shade, no grilling facilities), I've decided that I have to get the back yard razed before I can invite my fellow knit-fiends over. That way we have the back porch for shade, the grill for lunch, and easy access to the kitchen for endless ice teas and chilled home brews. But that's it. I'm not painting the house or doing more than raking the living room. During and after pics shall be posted, but not even I am brave enough to do a Before photo. It's just too gruesome right now.

If I work really hard I could probably be done with the heavy lifting by Father's Day, which would make the resident father pretty happy. I may even get around to grilling him something.

The tomatoes are sad looking, so I'll be putting them in the ground soon. Between the blackberry and the flame grape the front gate is covered, but I still get the occasional door-to-door god salesmen. I wonder if I could get cuttings from the Addams Family garden....


Bobbisox said...

Even better; a big ice filled ice chest would obviate the need for anyone going to the fridge for iced anything; it works great, especially in the hot areas when you sometimes just want to plunge your arm up to the elbow in ice to cool down. Looking forward to Sherman Heeling in the desert; too bad there is no spare trailer for out of towners to sleep in ; hint.

Bobbisox said...

So, how is that yard coming along? Any pix worthy of sharing?