Wednesday, January 10, 2007

but will they let me add pictures?

Aha, it seems that I may be figuring out the new Blogger after all. Maybe it wasn't the feed, it was the pictures I was having problems with.
It's still a good argument for having actual customer service.

This is my brand new, thank goodness for floor-models, stove. And that's one of the first bread loaves I baked with it. I know I don' t have before and after pictures, but trust me, it changed the entire look of the kitchen.

This is part of my pizza garden. Off to the right I have three types of basil freshly planted. In the middle I have a stripe of Oregano (Greek, of course), and second from left is Sweet Marjoram, and the extreme left has two Winter Savory seeds and one Summer Savory. Now, to get my Thyme plants.

Magnum tomato seedlings.

What the dining room table looks like when we aren't feeding guests. The square bowls have Delicious, Green Giant, and Mexico Tomatoes (one is empy), the pie tin and the white container next to it holds my son's supply of Abraham Lincoln tomatoes -- which have since been repotted, pray for their leafy little souls -- a couple of citrus seedlings in the white styrofoam, also my daughters' tomato seedlings (one each of Believe it or Not and Brandywine OTV), and one very crazy potato seedling. It's just below the square pan on the right. It has since been repotted but there is no point in praying for it. It knows how to take care of itself -- good grief, it was twice this size when I repotted it. It looks to belong to that special class of plants that I have to actively try to kill. When the temperatures get above freezing, my youngest child's potato plant is getting put out.

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Bobbisox said...

Looks like you will have to get that yard whipped into shape for your pizza garden and the tomatoes too. Likewise, I am sure.